July 21st, 2013

  • lishd

LUCIFERINS PRE-ORDER POST - deep purple only!

the pre-order is now closed. thanks to everyone for making it a success! :) i should be able to run the color again after all, though likely not until 2015. more good news: bodyartforms & pierced hearts (seattle) both ordered stock! :D as always, watch the facebook for order status.

visit the luciferins facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Luciferins
see the customer gallery at http://photobucket.com/luciferins

OPEN COLORS: deep purple only! the next full pre-order run will occur in early 2014.

**NOTE ON THIS ORDER**: if you are using "own glass", you MUST order DOMED cobalt colorfronts. the "on cobalt" portion regards the glass, & this color DOES NOT WORK on clear or white.

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ETA is 2-3 months, variable depending on how large this pre-order gets. as always, watch here or the facebook page for information/updates, & ask questions at any time.

ORDERING CLOSES august 3 at 8pm PT.