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on other-made glass

ok, i've been asked this a few times as well, so i spent last night working it out.

this post is ONLY for people who want CUSTOM SPECS. my standard wearable length is 5/16", & i'll be offering conch lengths of 1/2". flares will be more normal on this run. if that all works for you, you can DISREGARD THIS POST.

for those who want FF glass colors, very specific wearable lengths, specific flare sizes, et cetera:

frozenfire said he's glad to make glass for luciferins on a one-off basis. contact him through his etsy & order what you want*. pay him directly for the glass, & he'll ship them to me for the next color batch. you'll need to allow plenty of time depending on bill's schedule, so ordering in advance for the next color is strongly suggested. i'll need to know exactly what you order from bill (or GWS, or whoever) so i can sort yours out later. i don't mind receiving the glass early & holding it for your decision, especially in these early stages as i'm opening more colors. the coloring costs for clear glass pairs or colorfront pairs are as follows:

8ga to 2ga: $70
0ga or 00ga: $75
7/16" to 9/16": $80
5/8" or 3/4": $90
7/8" or 1": $110

singles are half.

so yeah, the prices for providing your own glass are nearly retail, but that is what i can afford to offer when i figure in all my costs. pickiness isn't cheap, but i can do it! i'm also aware that what i'm asking for 1+1/16" to 1.5" is cheaper than 7/8" & 1". here are a couple of notes about the pricing:

- i'm seeking to encourage huge (over 1") luciferins;
- my cost on glass for plugs over 1" would be much higher (which is why i'm not offering them as standard sizing), so the theoretical margin is lower, & therefore i have more flexibility in pricing;
- i can't financially encourage other-made glass in standard sizes or my costs go up (bulk discounting, et cetera), so i had to account for that too;
- it's going to take extra work & time on my part to make sure that customer A gets their custom 3/8" wearable versus customer B's 3/8" wearable with large flares, so while i didn't *raise* costs because of this extra labor, i also can't cut a deal for it.

disclaimer: with other-made glass, i will refund your color cost 100% if there is any damage to your plugs in creation, but i cannot return your glass cost. it's unlikely they'll be chipped or otherwise damaged. if the coloring doesn't come out perfectly for whatever reason, i will offer a discount based on the degree of imperfection; this offer is non-negotiable but will be more than fair.

*i am only accepting round, solid plugs of clear or colorfront glass from 8ga & up at this time, from known professional glassworkers. no strange stuff like concave flares; feel free to ask if you're unsure. i may test koosh/pebble/seafloor/whatever later, but i am not looking to make luciferins as a product into "any old thing colored with shiny". offering other-made glass is a service for this community only. retail shops (ie steel navel) will be stocked with standards; over 1" will be allowed as per the last post by custom request through the shop.

so, all in all it's not a great deal like i'd like it to be, but it's possible - so i hope that makes people happy overall. :)
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